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Any body following SIP Communicator


Just snapped OFF the SIP Communicator list:

Today I had a look at the Asterisk-IM and I think there is more elegant

way of implementing Presence.

The way Asterisk-IM module does it nobody working with asterisk like it .

There is a problem making many connections to the asterisk manager,

thats why astmanproxy exists and the same way is working the flash panel

for the asterisk (one connection from the proxy and many connection to

the proxy).

Full post is at


Any comments from your side?



I’‘m not sure I fully understand what you’‘re trying to say here. It sounds like you’'re infavor of implementing it with a new Asterisk SIP Communicator enhancement that works off of hints in Asterisk.

I don’'t work for Jive, but do believe for the most part, right, wrong, or indifferent, that the Asterisk-IM plugin here seems to be more reliable than ‘‘hinting’’ with Asterisk. Hinting with Asterisk is a bit problematic and requires each extension to have a hint i.e. exten => 1234, and does not allow for regex expression extensions, i.e. exten => _XXXX,hint.

Supposidly, the SIP channel is to be overhauled and rewritten in 1.3 this summer to be more sip 2.0 compliant and have more presence options. Perhaps at that time your method may indeed be better.

This is just one person’‘s opinion, please don’‘t take it as a flame. If I’‘m compeltely off base, let me know. I couldn’'t get a lot of information from your above post or the link you provided.