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Any chance of an old version?


I was wondering if anyone could send me version 1.0.1? i upgraded accidentally. Thanks

I’‘m afraid I don’‘t have any copies of the old version around anymore. If you are comfortable building things you could always check it out from tags/gateway_1_0_1 in the igniterealtime svn tree. Unfortunately I don’'t really have time to run through how to build it. When the new igniterealtime site is up and running with clearspace (see the jive lounge), I plan on spending some time to write up a quick “how to build” document so I can just point people at it. =) That said, someone else might have it around. Why are you interested in 1.0.1 instead of 1.0.2 though? (1.0.2 is on the stable plugins page and has some major fixes in it) If you upgraded to 1.1.0 beta and want to undo that you should be able to downgrade to 1.0.2 from the main plugins page.

Because it seems it has a different way of storing passwords… or am i wrong?

blink =) I haven’‘t ever changed the password storage mechanism. (in fact I didn’‘t even write that piece, Jive contributed it early on and I haven’'t touched it since) What symptoms are you seeing?

thats odd, i reinstalled OpenFire but it came with v 1.0.2 instead of the previous version and all the user’'s passwords instantly became invalid, almost like it used a different method of storing the passwords and after comparing a new password from v 1.0.2 and v.1.0.1 they are different, any ideas? the only other thing that changed was from MySQL 64bit to 32bit.

I’'m not really sure what to tell you. I mean the 64bit to 32bit change could be suspect, but I kinda doubt it. The password storage is the same. =/

If you want you can look at the 1.0.1 vs 1.0.2 changelog here:

http://www.igniterealtime.org/issues/browse/GATE?report=com.atlassian.jira.plugi n.system.project:changelog-panel

well, if anyone could get a version 1.0.1 uploaded for me so i could try it, it would be much appreciated, thanks