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Any chances to open source Spark?

i don’'t see Spark development section so decided to post here

will developers ever consider releasing sources of Spark?

Hi Nick,

That is not in our plans to do so, but we have gone ahead and created a good plugin api to tie in your own feature sets. Is the documentation lacking? Anything that we can do that would make it better.



One thing that would be helpful for me is “better” hooks to change the authentication around. From what I can tell, you are using Smack for the XMPPConnection object, which supports adding new auth objects. I made my own for Smack, and it seems to work great. Now how do I get Spark to use it? It dosnt seem as simple as this:

SessionManager sessionManager = SparkManager.getSessionManager();

XMPPConnection connection = sessionManager.getConnection();

connection.getSASLAuthentication().registerSASLMechanism(0,“GSSAPI”,SASLGSSAPIMe chanism.class);


I understand your position and you already shared descent portion of code of your products, for what all community is very thankful to you

Plugins are also quite powerful feature, but is it possible to build entire new graphical UI with their help?