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Any easy way to test it?

I am evaluating Jive for a project. I downloaded and installed the windows version and it seems to be working. I want to create my own client in .NET so I got an SMPP library and tried to get it to connect and it can’‘t. Granted I’‘ve never done this before so I’‘m sure something is wrong with the coding I’'m doing. The easiest way to verify that is to grab a simple client that can test my installation to see if its working properly.

I tried downloading the Whisper client linked in the smack forum but it seems to have the same trouble – the client times out when it attempts to connect.

I disabled the firewall on the windows XP box I’‘m testing it with and that didn’'t seem to help.

Is there any easy way to test the installation to make sure its sending and receiving correctly?

I’'d recommend a standard Windows client like Exodus or Pandion. You can find a large list of clients at:




Uhmm … I’‘m not sure if it’'s a typo but just in case … SMPP and XMPP are two very different things. One is for SMS and the other is for IM.