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Any way for Openfire to restrict users of group"A" to be able to see members of group"B", but not see other members of its own group

We have a Call Center environment where the users of group"A" are telemarketers who need to communicate ONLY with their supervisors who are in group “B”. The telemarketers do not need to communicate with those in their own group. Any possible solution would be appreciated.


By default, users are able to see folks in their own group, according to the following setting on the server:

You can use the form below to automatically add this group to users’ contact lists. By default, this group will only appear in the contact lists of the group’s members.. However, you can share this group with all users or members of other groups.

The Packet Filter plugin could do what you described. For all the details and a brief instructional video see :


Thank you for such a quick response. I just had a chance to implement your plugin. I was running an older version of the Wildfire server and it didn’t seem to work. Upgraded to Openfire 3.3.3 this past weekend and the plugin works great with it.

I does everything you stated, the presence of individuals in your group are not communicated. The only thing I can’t figure out right now is how to suppress the visibility of those users in the group. They still shuw up as grey, but of course their presence data is not communicated.

The users still show up because they are part of the clients roster. How do you have the roster setup? Are they being automatically populated by the server or did the client add them manually?