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Anyone tried connecting with a Flash client

Hey all,

I have a flash client that works with jabberd but not with JiveMessenger. Anyone had a similar experience? Is it that Flash terminates the xml with null - I heard this was a problem with jabberd originally as well.




Messenger doesn’'t currently support Flash XML connections or clients that use HTTP connections. Both use a slightly modified version of the normal XMPP protocol for communication. We plan on supporting both very soon after the 1.0 release (e.g. the 1.1 or 1.2 timeframe).

Flash support in particular is something we have strong need for internally. If flash support is critical for your project let me know. We try to prioritize our tasks on customer need. And similarly, if you are reading this and also need Flash or HTTP support post a ‘‘me too’’ so we know how many people need this (and preferrably a date of when you need it by).

For example, some of our high priority items right now are SASL authentication, auditing, intelligent/flexible routing, and Flash/HTTP support. Which gets done first will depend on what customers want.