Anyone use iksemel to develop jabber clinet?

i use c programe, so can u send me some examples ,i want to study it.i want to develop a clinet using iksemel . thx!



Iksemel comes with a number of good samples that you can find in the test and tools directory where you extract iksemel tar ball.

BTW, this is not iksemel forum. You might get a better support on iksemel on its own forum or if you google around.


i see the test,but it’'s not the thing which i want.

now i try to write a small programe, just register to the wildfire, teach do not permit me to write using c++, only c…

mr.aznidin , have u wirte some similar programe?

i havn’'t saw any iksemel forums yet.


If you’‘re writing a client program, perhaps tools/iksroster.c is the right source to begin with. I don’'t use iksemel to write a client, but I use it to write external components.