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Anyway to force the IM window to open on top of other windows?

I might be changing our company IM software over to Wildfire/Spark and am just testing it out for the first time today. Is there anyway to get the IM window to open up/maximize when someone initiates a new IM session? Right now, it seems that it only minimizes it to the task bar and blinks (and will play a sound if configured). I’‘m afraid that if it doesn’'t popup in front of everything else that our users may not see it right away…



This should really be posted in the Spark forum. However, I would recommend that you try out the current behavior with end users for awhile. We worked pretty hard to come up with a system that is effective at alerting users while not being too annoying. My bet is that you’‘ll be glad that it doesn’'t always pop up after using the system for a few days.



i agree with Matt. Especially if your users are not very advanced and type not looking at screen. This popping windows will steal focus and message can be accidentically send to a wrong person.

otherwise, this blinking could be oversighted, so there could be some popup message near system tray telling that something is willing to talk (like it works in Exodus, Psi, neos etc.) Dont remember if Spark has such popup.

Thanks for the replies, sorry for posting in the wrong forum.

The reason we want it to popup in front of other windows is due to the fact that for some reason our users tend to not notice things on their computers unless they are made blatently obvious. For instance, they can have their email client opened and minimzed to the taskbar, if a new mail message is received it sometimes takes them hours…and even DAYS to even notice it because they don’'t see the little icon on the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

Thus, if it pops up in front of everything else, and stays there until they phsically close/minimize it there is much less of a chance that they won’'t notice the message. This is how our current IM client works, and that is one of the reasons that we like it so much.

I’'ll browse the Spark forum and see if I can find a solution. Again, thanks for all the help!


I wonder why Matt didn’'t tell you about Spark 1.1 and the upcoming “Plugin Guide” which should you enable to write Spark plugins, also a plugin to raise the IM window or to display an alert window which must be confirmed.


takes them hours…and even

DAYS to even notice it because they don’'t see the

little icon on the bottom right hand corner of the


This is just horrible… Maybe you shouldnt try to find some way to make IM and email annoying/noticable but strengthen discipline. Well, this is not up to IT of course Just cant believe. At our work there couldnt be any excuse you didnt notice email for a day or just hours.

This is just horrible.

I agree that focus stealing windows can be highly disruptive (and have gotten me into trouble), but some users actually prefer that behavior. It would be nice to have it as an option (I think most IM clients do).

We’‘ve started evaluating Wildfire/Spark as a replacement for our current Jabber server. First off, this is an impressive product! Well done! Back to the topic however, we’‘ve all missed some messages in Spark. Sometimes that blinking application tab just isn’'t enough to alert a user to a new message (particularly on dual monitors).

What about an optional popup message alert box that closes itself after a defined period. Maybe a clean and partially-transparent box that isn’‘t quite as garish as Psi’'s popup alerts? What do you think?

Please see this thread about this feature: http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/thread.jspa?messageID=113515&#113515