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Anyway to subscribe to Groups?

Is there any way that a client can subscribe to groups that are defined on the server? For instance we have an ecommerce department and someone in IT may want to work with them, but not everyone in IT wants that group in their list. Can that single client get the server managed group?


Hi coesum,

if you are using the Wildfire groups then adding user “IT-xyz” to the group “ecommerce” should not be a technical problem, while managing groups will become very hard.

It could be easier to create another group, or the users use their private rosters.

Maybe you can give some more details about your use-case.


This isn’‘t currently possible, but it’‘s an interesting feature request. We’'ll consider it for a future release.



Thank you Matt.

If I wasn’'t clear in the original post I want to do this:

I create a group on the server called ECommerce with Users A,B,C, and D.

User E is in IT. He wants to have the Ecommerce group appear in his client.

It would be nice to have E go to a website to subscribe to the Ecommerce group without being added to the group. Or I could assign the group to him without adding him.

Hope that clears it up.