Apache2.2 + tomcat5.5 + mod_proxy + jhb1.0 + jwchat1.0 + wildfire3.1

I read some threads at this forum about how to config jwchat,but i am failured.

i can fetch http://im.mypc.com:8080/JHB/ and http://im.mypc.com/JHB/ like this

“This is an implementation of JEP-0124 (HTTP-Binding)”


Listen 80


var SITENAME = “im.mypc.com

var DEFAULTCONFERENCESERVER = “conference.im.mypc.com”;

var DEBUGJID = "admin@im.mypc.com"; // which user get’'s debug messages

if i use spark , there is no problem.

i try http://im.mypc.com/jwchat/index.html.html , then login failured, and without any message.

Hi neka,

when will wildfire3.2 be released?

It’'s scheduled for January 2007, so we may soon see some beta versions. As JM-356 is already fixed you could use a nightly build (quite stable but not recommended for production).

I did delpoy jwchat-1.0beta2.war in Tomcat some months ago with little problems but still some things to fix within JWChat to get it working good with Wildfire so I wonder if you hit a JHB problem.



thanks for your reply.

If i put JHB under the directory of jwchat , then it works properly.

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