Apple Messages Application Presence Bug with Group Chat - MUC Rooms

Hi Everyone,

I have 200 Mac OS 10.9 and 10.10 users connecting to our Openfire 3.9.3 system using SSL over port 5223 with the Apple Messages Application. None of these users cannot join an existing group chat room MUC that has Broadcast Presence for Participants enabled. If an Openfire admin logs into the admin console and un-checks broadcasting participant presence then the MUC group chat room works. Of course if we do this then no one know when anyone joins or leave the room. We also have to manually unchecked this for anyone connecting via the Apple Messages Application.

The workaround for getting them to use group chats to manually create the rooms through the server web portal and then uncheck Broadcast Presence for Participants, and then inform that users they may use their Messages application to join in the group chat.

Adium 1.5.10 works great if you are not on Mac OS 10.10.x with the MUC features but it seems that this IM client for Jabber has numerous serious flaws and bugs.

This is a terrible pain, since any Messages can create a new group, but then has to ask an admin to uncheck this one checkbox in order to use the group chat system. There is there a way I can set the default for all newly created rooms to not enable Broadcast Presence for Participants?

I am also wondering if there is something a developer can fix on the Openfire server is order for Apple Messages Application users to work as they should with Presence enabled. It is a pain not to know when users have joined or left the group chat room.

The server environment is this: Ubuntu 14 LTS, Openfire 3.9.3 using LDAP users and groups over SSL, a seperate MySQL 5.6 server, and Java 1.7.0_75 64bit



For what it’s worth, we’re running into the same issue. It seems, based on the symptom in this post, that it’s been around since at least mid-2014. We just upgraded from a much older version of open fire (3.8.2) where we did not have this issue before.

If anybody has a work around that doesn’t involve logging into the open fire server for every new chat room, I’m all ears.

We are still seeing this. Is there a chance of getting some dev time on this? This is preventing us from rolling out this to replace the version of jabberd, which is pain incarnate.