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Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) Module for Openfire $$$

Hi Dev’s,

I have been able to convince my CEO to donate some money towards development of an APNS module for OpenFire. It sounds like the guys from ProcessOne are willing to lend some code or help (see links below). This module will obviously be an attractive thing for companies with iPhones.

I understand that the module would need to be compiled with the dev’s Apple dev account, but we are prepared to do this to support iPhones.

If you are interested in developing this code and offering it back to the community we would love to donate some $ your way. Send me an email and we can chat - Paulc@orionhealth.com



try contacting matt at jivesoftware.com

Hi WRoot,

I tried matt@jivesoftware.com and did not get a reply??? I have also emailed Ryan & Larry at version2software last night and am waiting for a reply.

I was interested to see OneTeam were offering help. Does any one know if anything has happened with this offer. I have a developer that can work on this and provide it back to the community, he just needs a little guidance to get him under way.

So if any one can help or point us in the right direction we would be much appreciative.


Well, maybe i was wrong offering to email Matt about this. I know that Jive is pushing their products to mobile platform, so i thought maybe maybe they can be interested. Appears they don’t. Can’t suggest anything else. If noone is replying then probably noone is interested in this here.