Apple-W to close a chat window (OS X)

I see in that this bug is closed, yet as of 2.0.2 i still cannot close any of spark’'s windows with the Apple-W key combo.

Is it just me experiencing this or are others? I see this thread where people talk about apple interface problems, but it sounds like they got cleared up in 2.0.1?

No, I’'m seeing the same thing. The only OS X bugs that were fixed were the text-navigation keys and the main menu bar.

The Command key shortcuts still do not work (except for Cmd-Q for quit and Cmd-, for preferences), and the menu bar still disappears when the chat window has focus.

Also, the “stale chat” colour-fading seems to have some funky effects on OS X, where both the name and the X to close the tab will completely fade out.

Timothy Collett

Just to revive this…

I dropped a comment in the SPARK-314 ticket mentioning that this is still a problem. Honestly it is the only thing keeping me from dumping iChat (which i ssoooo want to do) in my organization for spark.