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Application to user messaging

hey hi guys,

me new to the entire jivesoftware stuff. I am trying to enable application to user messaging. When certain events are raised from an application i want a message to be sent to the user about the event…and at the same time i need a confirmation that the message was successfully sent to the user…is this possible…i was going thru the rfc documents and the JEP didnt find anything that suited my needs…so asking for help…thanks in advance

Hi Glenn,

If you are looking to send application specific events to a user, you should have a look at the Smack project. Its a complete client side API.

Hope that helps,


Hi Glenn,

Just to add one thing to what Conor said, the XMPP (Jabber) protocol doesn’‘t have any sort of message guarantee or ACK but you could certainly simulate it using Smack. I haven’'t rolled my own ACK with Smack but I have used it as part of an event notification system (as a supplement to a logging framework) and it works great.



Ryan’‘s completely right. Although XMPP doesn’‘t provide message delivery guarantees, it’‘s easy to build your own application level system of acks to guarantee a message was delivered. You can do this purely on the client-side if you don’'t rely on XMPP store-and-forward using Smack, or create a special Messenger plug-in if you want the server to help with providing reliable message delivery guarantees.

I know there are companies using XMPP for automated alerting and message passing using these basic techniques.


Hey Glenn,

I think that url=http://www.jabber.org/jeps/jep-0079.htmlJEP-0079: Advanced Message Processing[/url] may result of interest to you. We currently don’'t have support for that JEP but this is a JEP I always wanted to add to Jive Messenger. Let us know if you are planning to implement it.


– Gato