Apply IP Restriction to XMPP Account

Can we apply ip restriction to any xmpp account in Openfire?

For example if is the login id, can we set a restriction to only allow login from x.y.z.a?

You can’t set an individual restriction. You can only set and IP restriction for all registered/anonymous or all anonymous logins (Admin Console: Server > Server Settings > Registration & Login).

I saw those configurations in admin panel.

Let’s say if i want to implement that functionality in server side, what will be the steps?

Can we use NodeJS plugin to modify the connection behavior?

Can’t comment on that. Not a developer myself.

Thanks wroot,

waiting for some one to answer.

Is this right group to post this question?

Well, you could post in the Openfire Dev section, but it doesn’t matter that much. Home page combines posts from all the sections.