Architectural (web) question

I’d like to implement an IM system from an intranet web (ASP) application.

The architecture is:

  • a PC server with Jabber server (Openfire) and Web server (IIS)
  • many clients on which is installed a Jabber client (spark, pandion, etc.) running at the SO start-up

These clients use my web application from internet browser (IE 6.0 / IE 7.0).

The web application lists a phone-book (contacts list); each item contains the JID associated with the corresponding contact.
From this JID I’d like to give the user the possibility (with a link) to start (just to start) a chat using his Jabber client.

So I was thinking to implement a function called (requested) from the user (link on destination JID) when he wants to chat.

This function should send a starting message to the destination JID as it was started from the Jabber client (spark, pandion, etc.); when the destination JID reply to this message, it goes (open) on the dialog’s chat of the Jabber client.

Is it possible to call/have such functionality on the jabber server ?