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Archive plugins OpenFire version 3.10.2

Hello. Where can I find archive of plugins for version 3.10.2?

There is no such archive. Maybe @akrherz can build plugins against 3.10.2 and provide a link artifacts. Or i can attach here if you need some particular plugins. I have some saved.

I will be grateful. I need plugins:
Just marrie and Monitoring Service

And one more question. In the new version of OpenFire, creating a user and adding it to a group takes a long time. What is the reason?

I will be able to post plugins here later today, if akrherz doesn’t beat me to it.

For the other question it is better to start another topic and provide more information and errors log.


Just Married 1.1.0 (min Openfire version 3.9.0)justmarried 1.1.0.jar (129.6 KB)
Monitoring Service 1.4.7 (min Openfire version 3.9.0)monitoring 1.4.7.jar (4.6 MB)
Before uploading them remove version number and spaces.

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