Archive Transfer

Hi my friends

Here in my job, we adopted Openfire / Spark like a default comunicator.

We think Openfire / Spark are a very good solution for us, but we need to block the archive transfer. How can we do it?

I disabled the transfer archive configuration but it doesn´t work… help me please

Thanks in advance


Unfortunately spark can transfer files between clients regardless of server settings. The same holds true for chat broadcasts. You could try the packet filter plugin but I do not hold much faith that this will work.

there is also the spark transfer guard plugin. this could help as well although each user can adjust this.

Mstravel, thanks for your attenon. Do you know what´s the function of “File Transfer Configuration”?

This configuration cannot block this stuff?

Thanks in advance


That setting alllows you to transfer files with people not on your network. This would be with people on a different subnet or through a server 2 server connection.

Mtstravel, I found a beta plugin who can block all file transfer. The link is:

Now, I´m happy!! =)

Thanks a lot for the help…