Archiving all conversations logs


i am new to wildfire and spark. I read some of the posts and found that if you would like to archive the conversations, you need to develop one for yourself? is that right?

Is there a plug in for this (window/unix) ? If i m using the open source edition, can i subscribe the commercial plugins?

Appreciate for prompt replies. Thanks.


Wildfire Enterprise has built-in, comprehensive support for archiving messages to a database. You can have Full Archiving (everything is recorded) or Lightweight Archiving where only information about conversations is kept and no content is recorded. The Open Source edition has a very basic logging feature that enables you to save messages in XML files.

The answer to your other question is yes, you are able to use commercial plugins even if you are using the Open Source edition.



I am using the open source edition. I managed to archive the conversation but the xml file is not really showing any “conversation”? How can i go about this?