Archiving conference chats (*** BUG? ***)

I have enabled archiving of all conversations on my openfire server.

I have noticed that private chats with users in conference rooms do not get archived.

I have set server->archiving->archiving settings

->Archive one-to-one chats (checked)

->Archive group chats (checked)


start a chat with user ‘Frank’, a chat window opens simply titled ‘Frank’

now, if I start a chat with the same user Frank from the list of users joined to the ‘Lounge’ room, I get a different window (with no history) titled ‘Frank - Lounge’

the JID will show up either as frank@chat.server or

The first conversation will be archived, the second will not.

Is this because of a bug, misconfiguration of the server, or the way thinks are supposed to work?

Thank you for your help and insight on this!


Sorry, but I just need to know why this is! Anyone here familiar with the archiving plugin?

Thanks for your help!

Now that you mention it, mine behaves in the same manner.

The audit logs, if you have those enabled, does log the one-to-one chats launched from a conference. They don’t get exported to pretty pdf, though…

Hey guys,

Private messages between room occupants is not being archived. One-2-one chats are archived and also messages sent to rooms. If anyone happens to implement this improvement I’m glad to add it to the plugin.


– Gato

ok, thanks for your reply(ies!) :slight_smile:

I have the audit log enabled.

Followup question: Is it possible to disable private chats from the conference/MUC-rooms? That could solve my problem.

I guess it is not enough to disable broadcasting of presence…or is it?

Once again, thanks a lot for your help!