Archiving Issues (and removing the login requirement)

I’m trying to find a way to automate the process of sending chat logs over to a third party archiver. Since the monitor plugin doesnt seem to be very automation friendly, ive been looking into how i could do this. I noticed that the PDF paths are quite simple:

Change the conversation id and you’re all set.

The trick though, is that once you attempt to access this URL, you’ll be stopped and prompted to log in with the admin account. I ned to either find a way around this limitation (like removing the login requirement), or find a completely new way to go about this.

any suggestions?

Hi John,

To get around the login requirement you could modify the existing monitoring plugin or write your own that uses the AuthCheckFilter which allows you to open up the url you want to connect to. If you’re using an external database you could also just access the data directly.

Hope that helps,


Unfortunately im not quite saavy enough to write my own plugin, im intrigued by modifying the existing one though, provided i can figure it out.

You could also modify your automation script to submit the login information. Not sure how you are doing the automation but if you are using something like curl this should work.

Been looking into curl, getting mixed results so far. that monitoring plugin just doesnt like playing nice with scripting it seems