Archiving/Sparkweb not working

We are currently evaluating the Enterprise version of Openfire. Our system runs on Linux with MySQL 5.0.21 as a backend. Java is on version 1.6.2., authentication is being handled by LDAP to an Active Directory.

Openfire runs fine, we could also install the Enterprise plugin and the demo license successfully. Under the Enterprise tab the dashboard shows the statistics fine and without problems. We wanted to test archiving and changed the settings to also archive chats, but it’s not working. We see the archived conversation count going up, everythings else stays on zero.

We can also not create any Fastpath workgroups - always throws an error “Unable to create the workgroup”.

In the error log we see pretty some exceptions with missing tables, like entSipUser, entMessageArchive, fpWorkgroup, fpAgent, entBookmark, entConParticipant. Could it be that tables needed by the Enterprise extension are not created? If so, is there a way to enforce the creation?

Thanks in advance for any feedback Pat

Looks like there is known problem with Mysql when the database is UTF-8, which we have

Installing the Enterprise plug-in, not all tables are being created (breaks after the first table). This will be fixed in a later release (probably 3.4.0) so we will have to ask for another test license once the fix is out.

Just FYI in case you encounter the same problem.

Thanks Patrician


Could you tell me how you are creating the agent?? are you creating through admin console or inserting the values in the fast path tables…