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Are any tests run as part of openfire port install on freebsd?

Hello all, this is a very specific question. We are using Openfire but not just as a chat server. We would like to modify the source code but need it to also run on a freebsd server.

There is the openfire port on FreeBSD which is what we are using at the moment. My question is very specific, I don’t know if anyone can answer it here.

Are any tests run as part of the port install process on FreeBSD that would cause the install to fail? (Any unit tests etc?)

Also if anyone here has any experience on the way the port install works on FreeBSD and could advise on how to go about changing the src code, any help would be greatly appreciated!


Chris McDonald

Answering my own question here, after heavy examination of the port and the install process and reading some of the freebsd porters handbook. It appears that tests aren’t run as part of the build.

For anyone who wants to know, what appears to happen in the port install is the openfire_src_[version].tar.gz is extracted into a directory called work. As the makefile for the port has the flag USE_ANT set to true it will use ant to do the building. Ant is informed to build the target named openfire through the make flag ALL_TARGET = openfire. The openfire target in the ant build appears just to compile the source code and create the jars.

After ant finishes, make continues by copying the jars over to the java shared classes folder /usr/local/share/java/classes, and the other files wherever they need to be, modifying any file permissions as it goes.