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Are chatstates supported?

I’ve searched for this topic and I’ve tried a number of different clients, but I’ve never seen chatstates like composing, gone, or paused sent to my client. Messages and presence are transmitted fine. Is the a client issue or is openfire not sending the events? It’s fairly important that I get them for our project.

BTW, Openfire is wonderful to use. Very sweet out of the box experience.

Hi tjabber,

chatstates are controlled on the client side. Many times, chat clients either don’t support them or they are disabled by a preference on the client.

What client are you using? Many clients have an XML console, by which you can watch XML messages be sent back and forth to help understand the interaction.


Thanks @akrherz,

I’ve used several clients including Spark, Pandio, Psi, Exodus. I didn’t see and XML debug option for Spark. Since I didn’t get a signal with so many clients I thought it might be the server or more code. Using the agsXMPP library I think I’m doing the right thing, but I don’t see any callbacks triggered when typing or closing a chat session.

On closer inspection when I get a response it looks like this:

RECV:<message id=“XV1k9-32” to=“l@XXXX” from=“t@tXXXX/spark” type=“chat”><body>bbbbbb</body><thread>K5tAkY</thread&g t;<x xmlns=“jabber:x:event”><offline/><composing/></x></mess age>

That looks a little strange to me. There’s a composing in there, but it’s only sent when I press enter and send a message. I completely admit I don’t know what I’m doing yet, but that doesn’t quite correct.

I found the Spark debug window option on the advanced tab, which is very nice. I do not see any messages indicating that I’m typing or that the IM window is closed, so that could be why I’m not getting them.