Arghhh... Can smack send IQ stanzas client-client?

Hi all,

Just started to get my teeth into the Smack libraries, and wanted to ask what (may be) and embarrassingly noob question, but my trawls across google and the archives here aren’t throwing up an answer so far.

Is it possible to send an IQ stanza CLIENT-to-CLIENT via Smack?

I am happily sending stanzas about in my test code (from a smack based sender bot, to a smack based receiver bot) via both and, but when I send the following test IQ stanza (cut and pasted from the sender’s debugger, so it is definitely being sent):

 <query xmlns="mynamespace:test"/>

it disappears into the ether when sent to, and when sent over is sending me the debugger shows me the following IQ error response:

<feature-not-implemented xmlns="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-stanzas"/>

A urn:xmpp:ping request appears to work (although again no packets actually arrive at the receiver which is also confusing me…), as does a raw roster iq request, so it seems to me that the server will not pass on my iq stanzas unless it has a service registered with it for that specific namespace. Is this correct or am I missing something really obvious?

My receiver doesn’t have an IQProvider implemented yet, but then I should still see the raw IQ packets arrive even if they can’t be interpreted, no?

Any help, pointers, ridicule is much appreciated


I need to send an IQ stanza from client to server via smack and get back the response from server it is quite similar to your task. If you have got the solution to the above problem can you plz help me.

Plz share client code with me if u can.