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Armenian Language Support

Dear Spark Creators

I want to use Spark in my native language (It is Armenian) but unfrtunately I’ve noticed that spark doesn’t support Armenian letters (even if text is in Armenian Unicode). If you don’t mind please add Armenian language support for sparks’ next version.

Best Regards

Lusine Asrhakyan


Are you willing to provide the translation file to accomplish that?


Thank you for your kind responce.

Of cource I can provide a translation, but first of all I would like the message text bar (where we type a message before sending) and received message area to have an Armenian language support. Now it is typing and sending rectangles instead of letters.

By the way where I can find files to translate into Armenian?

Best Regards

Lusine Arshakyan

I think she means sending messages in Armenian, not the GUI language. Sending messages in unicode should be ok. I have just tried sending words in Armenian through Spark from here http://www.armeniapedia.org/index.php?title=Armenian_Female_Names and everything looks ok. Maybe the problem is with offline messages? Such messages are stored in the database and if database is not set into unicode mode it cannnot save unicode characters correctly.

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Lusine Arshakyan wrote:

By the way where I can find files to translate into Armenian?

This is not a trivial task. This will involve translating hundreds of strings, most of them are technical stuff. Also you would have to replace every unicode char with a unicode code (e.g. \u1111) and in the case of Armenian you will have to replace every letter.

If you are still interested, i’m attaching the English language file, which can be used as a template (replacing English strings with Armenian after the = sign). Also attaching Lithuanian one for the reference how unicode replacements look like.
spark_i18n_lt.properties.zip (14895 Bytes)
spark_i18n.properties.zip (13118 Bytes)

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I am going to start translation. Actually my first question is about sending messages in Armenian. You know I have an armenian charachters, I can type in google but the same charachters are replaced to rectangles in spark. Do I have to transfer Armenian unicode charachters into some other charachters?

Try to use a different font within Spark for the chat messages.

There is no option to select a different font for chat.

I have tried to add Armenian Eastern keyboard layout and sending messages with Spark. Everything looks fine. Offline messages also.

Can’t say for sure, but this might be related to the database settings. Or maybe even the server locale settings.

To rule out Spark completely, try updating to the latest Spark build (using it myself) http://bamboo.igniterealtime.org/browse/SPARK-INSTALL4J-665/artifact/shared/Inst all4j/

spark_2_7_0_665.exe for Windows

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Many Thanks!!! It works. I was using 2.6 version.