As i can see the history of a more understandable way easier


I’m working with openfire 3.7.0, and spark, and I need to save the conversation history in the servior or a specific route, select the option to audit.

audotoria aviliet the option of openfire to have control over the user talks, as to sel history was stored in the local pc and users could boraro history.
The problem now is that the log file has lot of information, it’s like html code is a lot and is very difficult text will find yourself quieen wrote something, no way to see this log maas ordered, that when an audit can be done easily, that so I have to hit me a while to see who spoke.


…sent a log file of a talk by more than 3 lines and the code that comes out is a lot
jive.audit-20110401-000 - (630 Bytes)

Try opening audit logs with this program

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