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AS2 httpbinding

Hi dudes,

anyway, im buisy making it for xiff and got a first version working but it needs some refactoring on the XMPPConnection. basicly i want to make a “socket” interface with 2 implementations, a ListenerXMLSocket(already exists) and a HTTPBindingSocket and add to the XMPPConnection a method “setSocket” method where you can override the default.

So it will not be more then

var sock = new HTTPBindingSocket(httpEndPoint);

var connection = new XMPPConnection();



other way to do it is using the method


and introduce eg


when it works some what better ill post the cleaned up code.


i got a first version working. downloadable at


usage for http binding:

var connection = new XMPPConnection();

var socket = new HTTPBindingSocket(“http://localhost:8080/jwchat/JHB/”)


connection.username = “XXX”;

connection.password = “XXX”;

connection.server = “jabber.org”;




U may try with the built-in HTTP-Binding Support of Wildfire.

Which is available on & from the latest version as the time of writing this mail.

Thanks & Regards,

Puspendu Banerjee

Hi, I can’'t get to this demo, it asks for username and password

Is it working well with the httpbinding connection? Is it going to be incorporated in the xiff trunk?

Thanks in advance


HTTP binding is a frequently requested feature. Right now I’‘m just working on getting the AS3 version working and released. I’'ll add HTTP binding to the version 3.1 to-do list.

any news about your work, bram? the example still is not reachable.

I cant dowload the example because it asks for username/pass :S

in my googling adventures i came across this :

http://labs.adobe.com/svn/flashplatform/?/projects/xmpp/trunk/src/actionscript3/ mx/collaboration/xmpp/

dig far enough and you’‘ll run across an http binding channel. The license seems MITish, so it may be a starting point. unfortunately, im not a Flash guy, so i can’'t do much with it at the moment.

sorry it took a while,

anyway, security is fixed,


is up…


Is the http-binding.zip available? I have a file not found error from this link

Best regards



I too cant able to download from the give location. Please provide right location to download.



I’m getting 404s here as well. If a fixed link is posted though, I’d be (very!) happy to work with you to get it integrated into the main xiff codebase. Not reinventing the wheel is almost always a good thing.