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Dear Gaston,

We use OpenFire as a core of the ChatServer. We have 2 ChatServer and 1 Database Server (we use MySQL), but now we got seems that it’s only run about 800 concurrent user for each server. It’s normal?? Or what should I do for this? I have tried to deploy CM but seems it’s the same, just only 800 concurent user for each CM.

Oh ya, we have deployed a cluster manager in each server too, and it’s running well. But why sometimes one of this node (our server) seems left from the domain? Seems the clustering plugin is turnoff. So when I open the cluster menu on web tools, it’s shown that one of our server is not availabe (N/A). So we have to restart the openfire again.

Should we use the Enterprise ones to make our server can handle more than 100K concurent user for each server? If yes, can you give me the information how to get the enterprise ones?

Thanks a lot


Hi. I have moved your thread to Openfire Support. making it private to Dombiak Gaston is not a clever move as he most probably won’t read this message. He’s only working on Jive’s commercial projects now, not on Openfire. So. I think you will get more attention in public Openfire Support section of forums.

Also there are no Enterprise version anymore and there are no limits of connections in free version. It can only be limited by your resources, network bandwidth and some configuration issues.

Personally i can’t answer your questions, especially about clustering. But you can provide more information. What operating system you have Openfire installed on? I’ve read recently that Linux can have some limit for open sockets/connections.

Hi Agus,

do you also get exceptions in the Openfire log file? You may hit a 1024 maxfiles ulimit if you are using linux which you may want to increase.


Hi LG,

Yes, I using Linux and I have tried ulimit -n. Right now the value is 1024. What value is recommended for this kind of server?



Oh ya, I use 2 servers for openfire and 1 for database server. The server spesification is Xeon QuadCore E5450 3GHz with 8GB RAM. Thanks


how may users do you want to connect to your server? You can set it to 60000 and later you may get memory problems if a lot of users do connect.


Dear LG,

Thanks for your response and support.

Right now I have about 120,000 active user. Oh ya can you give me an expectation, how much concurrent user it should be can handled by this kind machines and configuration? and should I put xms and xmx parameter on my openfire executable file?