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[ASK] HowTo remove Unfiled Group

Hello All

Can another know how to remove unfiled empty group, I’ve tried to remove but still now are there stay on spark

Unfiled Spark.PNG


There is no way to remove that group. It is created automatically when you add/remove contacts and sometimes it reappears or stays there all the time. I have filed a ticket for this, but as Spark doesn’t have active developers it might never be fixed [SPARK-1758] Unfiled group appears when contact goes online - IgniteRealtime JIRA

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Hello Wroot

Thanks foy your link information, I think Unfiled can be deleted

Not sure. Spark might need it for its internal process of adding/removing contacts. But maybe it can be not visible in the roster.

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Oke, Thank a lot FYI …

I submitted PR #247 to fix this issue.

Will be fixed in 2.8.2 version.