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Ask : My server receive rate is lower than transfer rate, causing slow connection on new users


I have problem with my openfire server. It’s network transfer and receive rate is not balanced.

Currently, average receive rate is 90 kbps and average transfer rate is 1 mbps.

I suspect that it causes users connection to the server becoming slow, and rejecting connection if the users connected are more than 800.

Here is my detailed info on my current spec :

Server : Supermicro

(Intel Xeon 6 core x 2 proc, 16GB RAM, 2x300GB RAID 1 HDD)

OS : CentOS 6.2 64bit

Openfire version : 3.7.1

Database : MySQL 5.1.66

Total users : 2654 users

Any reply is much appreciated.

Warm regards,