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aSmack 0.9.0alpha5 Login Problem

Hi all.i update my aSmack api.XMPPConnection class rename TCPConnection.i try connect existing server but login problem.Exception ; SASL authentication failed.

ConnectionConfiguration config = new ConnectionConfiguration(HOST,
                                                  Integer.valueOf(PORT)); // xmpp bağlantısı
      tcpConnection = new TCPConnection(config); // xmpp bağlantısı       // try login background thread
      LoginServerAsyncTask loginTask = new LoginServerAsyncTask();
      loginTask.execute(ustBirim.getText().toString() + "#"+ userName.getText().toString(), passWord.getText().toString(), "Atomic3.1");

Please help me.

I am sorry, but this is just to less information to provide any assistance. Always provide the stacktrace if you encounter a problem and want to report it. Knowing the supported SASL mechanism of the server would also bet useful.

i add username @sivasdetay.com domain name its works.But i doesnt wanna write domain name:S

This is a side-effect of SMACK-357

thanks.my speak english is poor.this is a bug?How do I solve this problem?

i see this bug report.I did not see the solution

Yes, it it a bug. I recommend you watch the bug to get notified when the fix has been commited, which I expect to happen in 7-10 days. Then you’ll find the fixed version in nightlies.