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aSmack Windows?

Hi, me and couple of friends want to develop an app like whatsapp with more features on it. We decided to use aSmack library. But I got couple of questions, does aynone know that is it possible to use aSmack API on Windows environment ? I read couple of threads on other sites, but it looks like you need basicly linux. Or other than aSmack, is there any compatible library-jars-APIs which are compatible with windows for android development ? And can we use smackAPI to develop android apps without modding the API?


You are tossing quite a few terms into your quesiton. Smack is a open source XMPP client library for Java SE. aSmack is the port of Smack to Android, which is necessary because Android does not have the full Java SE API.

The library is usually run in a Virtual Machine, the host OS, be it Windows, Linux or something else, is not really relevant.

Hope that helps.

Basicly I have asmack jar file included on my intellij idea project running on windows(for client application). Will I be able to develop this app without any problems in terms of programming environment ?

And you want to develop an app for? Android? If so, yes you should be able to do so.