Assign group by manipulating table "jiveGroupUser"


Because of lack of assigning group in plugin “Registration”, I try to write a similar interface with one extra drop-down field for group selection in PERL.

After checking the database, I thought it should be easy to assign one user to a specific group by manipulating table “jiveGroupUser” (add one more record), but it seems not working.

Is there any other table I should update as well?

BTW, the version of wildfire I deployed is 2.6.1

Thanks for your assistance.


Hi Louis,

You’‘re correct that the only table you need to manipulate is the “jiveGroupUser” table. However, due to Wildfire’‘s caching mechanism changes made directly to certain tables may not be reflected immediately, that’'s why working with the tables directly is generally not a good idea. You can disable the cache or shorten the time between cache refreshes (take a look at this post for how to do that) but doing so may lead to some performance issues. What you might want to consider doing is writing a plugin similar to the User Service plugin that you could interact with to manipulate users group information. Or wait until I have a chance to add the ability for users to select their group to the Registration plugin.

Hope that helps,