**Assistance Please regarding time-stamping messages in a group/conference chat**

(Currently with our setup, when a user joins the chat/conference group, all previous messages they are trying to view are timestamped with the time the user logged into the system and not the actual time the message what entered)

Is there a way for a user joining the chat/conference group to see the actual times these messages were actually typed?

For example: (Let’s say Dave Smith joins the chat room at 2030EST)

Dave Smith has joined the room

(20:30) Naethan: ok, passing out now

(20:30) Naethan: have a good one guys

(20:30) Bill: cya

(20:30) Nick: peace – THIS BLOCK OF TEXT WOULD HAVE BEEN FROM 04/29/2016 AROUND 07:00 est.

(20:30) Nick: D009 in service at 1715est for anything going south/southwest DIRECT only, as his plate expires tomorrow night at midnight

(20:30) Melissa: 3012 pro 20120 needs to be looked at - wipers stopped working last nite during hail storm

(20:30) Melissa: 3012 going to the kenworth shop next to them to have the issue looked at; pro noted

(20:30) Ian: Bob needs to get home for his new tags. If we can get him a load running direct which gets him close to Texas so he doesn’t need to take a bus in order to take care of things it would be preferable for him.

(20:30) Ian: driver has until midnight tomorrow to get home before his tags will expire. He needs to be home saturday by midnight, will then be out of service so he is able to apply for them on monday and get the process taken care of. They are not waiting for him, he needs to actually get it all handled monday, but will not be able to move his truck after saturday night. -

All of these texts would have been actually entered into the chat anywhere between 07:30 est. to 20:30 est

Thank you in advance,