Asterisk-IM 1.1.1 and WF-3.0.1 making calls


I have downloaded a modified version of asterisk-IM that was recompiled in order to work with 3.0.1 since the original one would always give me a blank page.

What I’‘m wondering is that when I try to make a call by right clicking on the user or trying to call by entering a number it won’'t work unless I have my IDEFISK softphone up and running and registered within aterisk !!! Is that how its supposed to work ?

Yes, when you call anyone… the Asterisk will first ring YOUR phone, you pickup, you hear ringing, the Asterisk THEN dials whomever you wanted to call. Your phone will need to be up & registered w/ the Asterisk prior to calling.

On a side note: Is your status updating properly?

I’'m having problems w/ Wildfire 3.0.0 & Asterisk-IM official 1.1.1 in that users update to ‘‘on the phone’’ when someone calls, but the status forever remains as ‘‘on the phone’’ even after the call has been hung up. This is regardless of extension-2-extension or queue callers (I know it has a hard time w/ queue status updates).

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I think it uses the ‘‘reverse hold’’ functionality to place the call. Can anyone verify that for me?

Updates are NOT working at all concerning Asterisk now (Never says ‘‘on the phone’’). I suppose this is a welcome change as Wildfire status changes still work fine (as opposed to everyone always being ‘‘on the phone’’). Unfortuantely, the popup notifications are no longer working when a call comes in! :’’(

3.0.2, where art thou?

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Trixbox 1.1.1


Zaptel 1.2.7

Wildfire 3.0.1

Asterisk-IM 1.1.1 (Recompiled)