Asterisk-IM 1.3.1 released

I’'ve released Asterisk-IM 1.3.1 which fixes a problem people had with 1.3.0 and Openfire 3.3.2 causing users to be no longer able to log in. The new version is availble through the update page in the Openfire admin console and at the plugin download page.

P.S. This is also the first version built with Maven which works quite well now.

Here is a quick an ddirty fix for the embeded-db. The plugin is not working because of sql mistakes in the asterisk-im_hsqldb.sql file.

Add these few lines in embaded-db/openfire.script while openfire is offline:

create memory table phoneServer(serverID bigint not null,serverName varchar(255) not null,hostname varchar(255) not null,port integer not null,username varchar(255) not null,password varchar(255) not null,constraint phoneServer_pk primary key(serverID))create memory table phoneDevice(deviceID bigint not null,device varchar(255) not null,extension varchar(255) not null,callerID varchar(255),isPrimary integer not null,userID integer,serverID bigint not null,constraint phoneDevice_pk primary key (deviceID))

create memory table phoneUser(userID bigint not null,username varchar(255) not null,constraint phoneUser_pk primary key (userID))create unique index phoneUser_username_idx on phoneUser(username)

drop them before CREATE USER SA PASSWORD …

restart your openfire and you can add your asterisk-server. But be careful, do it on you own risk !!!

Hi Sebastian,

can you outline the changes you applied or provide a well formatted sql script so I can update the plugin?



Hi Stefan,

I think this will work, the mistake is at the end of the first craate table statement, here was the keyword “primary” missing:

create table phoneServer (

serverID bigint not null,

serverName varchar(255) not null unique,

hostname varchar(255) not null,

port integer not null,

username varchar(255) not null,

password varchar(255) not null,

constraint phoneServer_pk primary key(serverID)


create table phoneDevice (

deviceID bigint not null,

device varchar(255) not null,

extension varchar(255) not null,

callerID varchar(255),

isPrimary integer not null,

userID integer,

serverID bigint not null,

constraint phoneDevice_pk primary key (deviceID)


create table phoneUser (

userID bigint not null,

username varchar(255) not null,

constraint phoneUser_pk primary key (userID)


create unique index phoneUser_username_idx on phoneUser(username);

INSERT INTO jiveVersion (name, version) VALUES (’‘asterisk-im’’, 2);



Thanks, i’'ve fixed it in svn, it will be part of the next release.

Okay, I’'m stumped. Never used Maven before. How do you build Asterisk-IM?

You might want to have a look at there is a short description on how to use the maven plugin used for building Openfire. If that doesn’'t help feel free to ask for more detailed help.


I’‘m pulling Asterisk-IM from Jive’'s SVN server. When I load up asterisk-im in Eclipse with the maven2 plugin, I get the following error:

Project build error The plugin ‘‘com.reucon.maven.plugins:maven-openfire-plugin’’ does not exist or no valid version could be found

Is maven supposed to go download that package on its own or do I need to do it manually? I thought maven was supposed to take care of that for me.

I just noticed where you said it’'s not in the Maven repository and has to be installed manually…so ignore my last message.

I’‘ve built maven-openfire-plugin now, and everything went fine. I’'m now back trying to “install” Asterisk-IM, but I get errors:

[INFO] ----

[INFO] Building Asterisk-IM Openfire Plugin

[INFO] task-segment: [install]

[INFO] ----

[INFO] resources:resources

[INFO] Using default encoding to copy filtered resources.

[INFO] compiler:compile

[INFO] Compiling 35 source files to C:\workspace\asterisk-im\server\target\classes

[ERROR] project-execute : ( task-segment: [install] )

Diagnosis: Internal error in the plugin manager executing goal ‘‘com.reucon.maven.plugins:maven-openfire-plugin:1.0.2-SNAPSHOT:jspc’’: Unable to find the mojo ‘‘com.reucon.maven.plugins:maven-openfire-plugin:1.0.2-SNAPSHOT:jspc’’ in the plugin ‘‘com.reucon.maven.plugins:maven-openfire-plugin’’

FATAL ERROR: Error executing Maven for a project

[ERROR] reactor-execute : C:\workspace\asterisk-im

Diagnosis: Internal error in the plugin manager executing goal ‘‘com.reucon.maven.plugins:maven-openfire-plugin:1.0.2-SNAPSHOT:jspc’’: Unable to find the mojo ‘‘com.reucon.maven.plugins:maven-openfire-plugin:1.0.2-SNAPSHOT:jspc’’ in the plugin ‘‘com.reucon.maven.plugins:maven-openfire-plugin’’

FATAL ERROR: Error executing Maven for a project

[INFO] ----


[INFO] ----

[INFO] Internal error in the plugin manager executing goal ‘‘com.reucon.maven.plugins:maven-openfire-plugin:1.0.2-SNAPSHOT:jspc’’: Unable to find the mojo ‘‘com.reucon.maven.plugins:maven-openfire-plugin:1.0.2-SNAPSHOT:jspc’’ in the plugin ‘‘com.reucon.maven.plugins:maven-openfire-plugin’’



umm sounds a bit strange - which version of maven are you using? 2.0.7?