Asterisk-IM problem with PBX I am on my 5th hour of this problem

Hi All

I install wildfire got box works fine then I got to install the plug in for the Asterisk-IM with also works fine but my problem comes with I go to configure it

Under the plugins/asterisk-im/phone-settings.jsp for the setup

This is what I have

Server || Which I know

Port || I have 5038 unless it should be something else



The above is what I fail on. I have created a user from Asterisk API from the pbx That did not work

Tried all the passwords I use for the asterisk and no go

How to I make a account for this thing to work

Thanx for any help

Hi asteriskman

Try editing /etc/asterisk/manager.conf, and adding something at the end like the following:

asteriskim ;enclosed in square brackets - this forum won’'t display them





Obviously you need to make sure your network settings are correct. Then use asteriskim and yourpassword in the Asterisk IM interface.

Hope this is remotely correct, and if so, helpful.