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Asterisk-im still alive?

just wondering if the asterisk-im plugin is still active project. I found that the only way to get asterisk-im to work was to revert back to an older version of wildfire and then install the asterisk-im from http://www.couplet.be/temp/status_fix/asterisk-im.jar i would like to keep up with the wildfire versions however i love the asterisk integration. i know that there is an asterisk-im1.2.2beta however it has problems with status. I would be willing to put a few $$$’'s into this plugin should anyone willing to fix these issues.


Since openfire and spark now include jingle I belive Jive Software will ramp down asterisk-im development and focus more on jingle. Also they have a version of spark that now acts as a SIP client. This replaces the usefullness of this plugin. It removes the need for placing calls, changing the jabber status, call notifications…

I second the question is asterisk-im still alive?

How then would activities and mood exchanged with other users ?

I mean, when you use your hardphone, how others could be notified you’'re on call ?

It’'s not obvious jingle include such features.

I think we would still need something using Asterisk Manager Interface to forward telephony events in an xmpp compliant way.


Review the features of openfire enterprise they include a SIP client embeded in Spark and centraly manageable. In this model it is the clients job to change the status not a plugin in the server. This again asks the question does this replace asterisk-im and if so what about us who dont have openfire enterprise?


I’'m a bit confused with VoIP OpenFire and Spark features.

Do you think :

1- Spark embedded softphones must register themselves to Enterprise edition OpenFire server (hence “SIP phone (Spark, beta)” in EE OpenFire features, see http://www.igniterealtime.org/roadmap.jsp)

2- OpenFire must register itself to Asterisk (“VoIP proxy for media” in OS OpenFire features)

3- presence information (busy on call, available) is exchanged through SIP mechanisms (Notify/Subscribe) ?

Then, what if Spark softphones register themselves to Asterisk (is this possible ?). In this case, wouldn’'t Asterisk-IM plugin be the suggested media to exchange Presence information with IM users, including Spark users ?

I’'m wondering if the next wave of softphones (or IM software) would gather or not IM and softphone features together (see Openwengo, Sip-communicator, Spark, MS Live Communicator).

In this case, maybe the same client would be “registered” two times (by IM and VoIP servers).

Maybe, a better approach would be to have an enhanced server (Asterisk ? OpenFire ? MS LCS ?) dealing with these clients.

In the latter case, how a user equiped with a hardphone and a softphone would have his presence managed ?


Check out http://www.jivesoftware.com/products/openfire/features/voice.jsp

Thanks for the tip as I didn’'t recently ckecked out Jive Software web site.

From there, I couldn’'t tell if a given OpenFire server could provide presence services to Asterisk-managed harphones, with or without Asterisk-IM.

This could be meaningful for the future of Asterisk-IM (which relates to this thread).

My reading suggest if your colleague is using its own SIP hardphone, you cannot know looking at your own Spark-enabled PC.

That’'s where Asterisk-IM should come in.

Do you agree on that ?

Best regards

Yes I totaly agree and most business still use SIP hard phones for their useability.