Asterisk-IM, Wildfire 3.0.1 & Trixbox 1.1.1

Hi, all.

I’‘ve just installed Wildfire 3.0.1 and I am trying to get Asterisk-IM to work with my Trixbox (old Asterisk@Home) version 1.1.1. I can’‘t even get the Asterisk-IM module to connect to my Trixbox. I’‘m using the Trixbox’‘s IP address and the maint user and password (I saw on another thread to use that combination). But it always gives me the “Unable to establish a connection to the telephony server, please see error log” message. I’‘ve verified that the correct password is being used. I’'ve also tried the ‘‘admin’’ and ‘‘root’’ user with correct password but I get the same results.

My Trixbox is running fine with all capabilities.

What am I doing wrong? What information can I give you to help you with your ideas? Thanks in advance…

  • Edit * I got the connection to work, but not sure where to continue with the configuration. There is a command XMPPConnection that is supposed to be run. But where?

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I got the same setup as you trixbox 1.1.1 wildfire 3.0 and am 1.1.1, the xmmp stuff is supposed to be configured within the spark client by default so no configuration should be needed on the client, the only thing that works is the status of a user is changed to on the phone, it do not change the status nor does it give any messages about incoming calls, I just wish that someone could make some sense out of this perhaps a better how to???