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Asterisk not connected to OpenFire server?

Hi everyone,

I’'ve got an Asterisk server running. We recently set up the Open Fire server and configured Asterisk-IM. Asterisk-IM is connected to the Asterisk server, with green status on Asterisk-IM page.

What is not working seems to be that Asterisk cannot connect to Open Fire server. When I do “jabber test”, it gives this error:

WARNING[3414]: res_jabber.c:1421 ast_aji_send: JABBER: Not connected can’'t send

Here is my jabber.conf file:

debug=yes ;;Turn on debugging by default.

autoprune=yes ;;Auto remove users from buddy list.

autoregister=yes ;;Auto register users from buddy list.


type=client ;;Client or Component connection

serverhost=paracletedev ;;Route to server for example, talk.google.com

username=asterisk ;;Username with optional roster.

secret=password ;;Password

port=5222 ;;Port to use defaults to 5222

usetls=yes ;;Use tls or not

usesasl=yes ;;Use sasl or not

buddy=che ;;Manual addition of buddy to list.

statusmessage=“I am available” ;;Have custom status message for Asterisk.

timeout=100 ;;Timeout on the message stack.

The host that Open Fire runs on is called paracletedev, and I do have a username “asterisk” defined there too. (I was able to configure Asterisk to connect to google talk though.)

Does anyone know what’'s wrong here?



I am not exactly sure what you are trying to accomplish. Asterisk-IM is for connecting Openfire to Asterisk to manage presence when you are on the phone and to allow you to place calls using your IM client, etc.

Why do you want to connect Asterisk to Openfire? Not that it’s not technically possible, it’s just not what Asterisk-IM is for.