ASTLinux and Wildfire: Anyone get it to work/Mini-freelance project anyone?

Anyone have experience getting Wildfire to work with ASTLinux?

This mini distro is pretty amazing if you haven’'t checked it out yet.

I’'m basically running ASTLinux as LiveCD (config on USB stick) and I installed the Asterisk plugin for Wildfire. However, when I click the tab at top (inside Wildfire Admin interface) I see nothing but a blank screen.

I’'m looking for a simple setup, to offer basic VOIP, nothing fancy yet. I just want to see this this work on my server for now.

I would be willing to compensate you for your time, especially if you are an experienced Asterisk administrator since after getting this working we can discuss further customizations. If it is too much of a hassle to get ASTLinux working with Wildfire then I would then setup Asterisk on FreeBSD and have us try it that way.


James (also on Yahoo IM)


the Asterisk plugin is not an Asterisk server. You need first a running Asterisk installation (as this is harder than installing Wildfire and the Asterisk plugin) and may then install Wildfire and the Asterisk plugin.

Installing Asterisk and configure some phones is not complicated so I wonder what in detail you are looking for.



I know the plugin isnt a server

On another box on my LAN I am running ASTlinux

I’‘ve setup the Wildfire plugin, and setup the Asterisk Server but when I try to view the Asterisk plugin settings in the Admin console I get nothing but a blank page. Reinstalling the plugin and reloading server doesnt fix it. I’'ve gone over all documentations for the plugin and for ASTLinux a number of times.

I was hoping to find someone who might be able to help me out with this, who perhaps has set up Wildfire before with ASTLinux. I chose ASTLinus since it is pretty impressive in its small footprint and suitability for embedded applications.



so I assume there are no errors in the log files and the Asterisk plugin gets extracted in the plugins directory?


To avoid the blank screen and the infinite on the phone status, you can either

  1. use my patch : and recompile with the correct wildfire.jar file.

  2. use the patched binary : (on 3.0.1 server)

For more info see thread :

I am freelancer, if you need more help, here is my email : wildfire at@