Athentication Problems using @domainname

We have a registered Google Apps domain and are required to use as our usernames to use our accounts on Google Talk. Spark seems to think that @domainname is the name of the chat server and it is not.

We have to login using our domain name into, and if we don’t, we have authenication problems. Do we have any options to connect to Google Talk?

We also need to pass as part of the username to our internet server for it to LDAP with our AD post-Win2K accounts. Our users have different usernames for pre and post Win2K accounts.

Has anyone been able to successfully sign onto a Google Apps Gtalk account using Spark? Using the latest version of IM gateway, I can sign onto any address, but not to my account. This seems like a simple problem to be able to fix, but have not found anything in the forums or otherwise. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve contracted with the creator odf the plugin to add this functionality to the upcoming new plugin as well as add it to the old IM gateway. Will post again once this is complete (should be some time next week) with a fix.