Attention sign near Server Name

Hello all, I’m runing openfire 3.6.0 on a intel Mac Xserve running 10.5.4. Everything is working great, but one thing makes me nervous. Near the “Server Name” field on the first admin page, there is a small attention symbol (the yellow triangle with a exlamation point inside). Should this be something that I need to worry about? I did change the server name once. The name reflected is the hostname of the machine and is correct.

Any help would be appreciated.

Kindest Regards,

I have likewise on my test system and it’s just pointing out that the RSA certificate doesn’t match the server domain.

Whenever you change the openfire server’s name you need to generate new certificates and delete the original certificates. If you do not do this you will get that warning, and some advanced features will not work.

Thank you gentlemen, that did the trick! Is there anything wrong with sticking to the self-signed certs, or should I set up a cert with our internal CA? I can do this if need be.



I use the self generated certificate for my server with no issues. my server is behind firewalls and uses NAT addressing and port forwarding to allow for external contact. we also have SSO working fine.