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Anyone know of a way to get the attributes of other users. I know that you can use AccountManager to retrieve your own attributes, but this takes a parameter of your own XMPPConnection. The way that I would like to use it is after I get the presence of another user(AVAILABLE), I would like to get an attribute of that user. Is there a method out there to accomplish this?

Thanks in advance


as an admin you can use ad-hoc commands to query the server for online users.

Normal users can not do this, they must rely on their roster.


Just want to make sure I’‘m clear on this since I was trying to get this going myself: If a user has a eg name attribute, there’‘s no direct way for their contacts to ask what it is? What’'s the point of setting it then, is it just for admin purposes? Why can it be displayed if you use the search service then?