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Audio implement in wildfire is posiible or not?


i am currently working on wildfire and jbother as client.

i want to implement voice chat at client side. so wildfire support it or i have to change wildfire code.

and one more thing that libjingle will better or not for audio chat

thank you

Hi pathik,

Short answer, adding voice support to Spark/Wildfire is planned for sometime this year. Long answer, try doing a url=http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/search.jspa?q=jinglesearch for jingle[/url] for some previous discussions on the topic.

Hope that helps,


To add to Ryan’‘s post – for basic Jingle support, that’‘s all client side and there shouldn’'t need to be any changes in Wildfire. However, there are some server features that can make Jingle work more reliably; things like acting as a proxy in case both users are behind NAT.



Matt, thanks for the clarification.


when can wildfire supply a proxy both users are behind NAT about Jingle?



Hay matt !

I am used stun and upnp driver support users are behind NAT .

This is Stunt, Simple Traversal of UDP Through NATs and TCP too (STUNT),


I am support Jingle ,but client is delphi , is not java .


Thanks your NAT information


great we cant wait for voice to be integrated to wildfire/spark