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Audit capability support

Does the beta version of messenger support Archive and audit of inbound/outbound messages? If not, will future versions support this type of feature?




Messaging auditing is not supported in the beta version but we hope to release it as part of the server very soon after the 1.0 release. Perhaps v 1.1. The auditing itself is pretty straightforward. The labor intensive part is building a front end to the audit database so that the audited information is useful: searching, reports, statistics, etc. We didn’‘t want that to hold up the 1.0 release but realize that it’'s a ‘‘must-have’’ feature and are working on getting it implemented and available as soon as possible afterwards.


Hi Iain,

I am using Jive Messenger Version: 1.1.0 Alpha 8. We have a file called “audit-policy.jsp”, that can be access using Server Manager ->Server Settings ->Message Audit Policy

It seems that this file is incomplete, It shows as message like ''Description of this feature goes here… ‘’

can u explain what is the details of this functionality ?