Audit Log - External Access?

I am using i-ball to analyze chat-records, and my boss wants to be able to access those records too, but: i do not want to give my boss full access to the wildfire admin panel.

Is there a way to grant a user limited access to the wildfire admin panel?

or has anybody written a script (PHP? Java? Ajax?) to access the audit logs from a dedicated webinterface?

If nobody has written anything, can the programmers post a few tips or snippets on how to analyze the audit-log, which is in xml-format?



What about a hidden share to the logs folder? thats what we do here… granted you can’'t view the active logs with out a copy first, but it works perfectly fine.

what software do you actually use to view the audit logfiles? or do you analyze them via php/java/asp??

i like the way iball shows the scripts - sorted by user…

or does anybody have an idea how to copy the chatlog into the mysql database? that way it can be accessed as liked…

Please check here