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Audit Policy Feature request: add "audit attended from/to user"

I see “Ignore packets from/to users” options, Can you add a option of only audit the user we attended? And we can only audit some member.


the audit function it there to log and store all messages and not to spy a few users. I don’'t like the spy idea, this will give Openfire a bad touch and it may get known as the spy-a-user xmpp server if such a feature is added.

You may anyhow write a plugin to do this if you really need such a feature.


I didn’'t see the different of audit all members between audit a few members, It just benifit enterprise manager for control the behavior of employees.

I think if you can audit all members with ignore some option, You can add audit only a few members option. Choose which, Let consumer consider it

hi i wrote a plugin that does exactly what you want … it’‘s not finished yet (since i don’'t have that much time right now) however it should be enough functionality for your needs

it’'s available from here http://blog.smilingj.net/eintraege/94/ or directly here http://smilingj.net/open_download/netLog.jar

Thanks, Does it have an english version?

I think there are many good plugins of openfire server, If there have a list or a contributions page will be fine.

the plugin itself is english … also the documentation (even if it isn’'t that much )

I have tested it, It’'s very cool , Thank you

But I have some questions:

1 where does the log place in?

2 Does it have a log size limit? All log messages in one page seems slow.

adun wrote:

But I have some questions:

1 where does the log place in?

2 Does it have a log size limit? All log messages in one page seems slow.

1: the log files are simple text files under /wildfire/netlog/logs (that’‘s because the first viewing app was designed in php because i’'ve had no experience in jsp)

2: no … there’‘s no limit … therefore it’‘s only 0.8.0 an not 1.0 - as soon as openfire is out and i switched my installation to a mysql database i’‘ll develop the database support so the log-presentation could increase too. but if you’'re interested i can give you the code and you can develop (or change) whatever you want (less work for me )

THanks, It’'s code with PHP? I have not write plugin before, But I think I can begin with your code.

no … in the plugin is no php code… that was an external project to read this files…

the source code of the latest release is here: http://smilingj.net/open_download/netLog.tar.gz (it’‘s compatible with wildfire 3.2.x but not with the comming openfire … for this i’'ll have to change some names when openfire source is available)

I am now using Openfire 3.3.0 alpha, The plugin work fine

adun wrote:

I am now using Openfire 3.3.0 alpha, The plugin work fine

Yeah i know … jive didn’‘t change the namespaces for this alpha … but afaik in the actual svn code they already did… so i’'ll have to recompile it with the correct namespaces

Thanks, I does not know how to compile your plugin now. I will view the documents of how to make plugins

now the source should be compatible with openfire 3.3 but since i have only a java 1.6 compiler installes i couldn’'t test it yet …

but if someone can give me a hint how i can make an svn repo readable (and only readable) for anonymous users i’'d like to give the repo url to the public

Sorry, But I do not know more about svn

To be compatible with openfire 3.3, Just replace every wildfire to openfire in both path and code? I have watched some plugin develop documents, Just compile the modified source code with Ant, Is it ?

Hope your hint:)

that’‘s exactly what i’‘ve done … in comples but as said i’'ve not tested it yet

I install ANT, but it seems need all Openfire source code to compile the plugin, is it? I use ant in your plugin source directory, It return “can not find build.xml” errors.

I view http://www.igniterealtime.org/builds/wildfire/docs/latest/documentation/plugin-d ev-guide.html, but also did not know how to build your plugin from source Just place your source code to the plugins directory of Openfire source code and type “ant plugins”?

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well… i never tried to unse any command-line tool without help… i for myself use eclipse to build my sources… and thats working perfectly… there’'s a menue point “plugins” that compiles all plugins including my plugin …

PS: netlog && openfire’'s working (latest source - will be available on request or at least when otenfire 3.3.0 is out)

I modify a little code to your plugins, Just add date string to the log file name to split log file everyday, and log view just open the log of today to avoid the long time of opening all logs at once.

Now I began to study how to compile the source to jar, I never used java and ant, but I will try to do it

Wait for your new version.