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Audit policy files


anyone know if wildfire/openfire 3.2.2 for linux has max size limits for the audit policy xml log files it writes to? wondering if there is a max to consider, to avoid adverse behavior of wildfire logging.

the current settings are as follows, but would not mind making the numbers larger:

Maximum size of all files (MB): 10000

Maximum file size (MB): 1000

anyone know the limitations on this? thanks.


“Maximum size of all files (MB): 10000” could produce empty files.

JM-909 … 2 GB should be the limit for all files if I remember right.


hmm. i thought that the second setting was for individual logs (which 2 GB would be the limit for on linux?) and the first setting “max size for all files” was the total for the current jive log plus all previously rolled over logs.

Wildfire uses INTEGER values instead of LONG, so 2 GB is the max. size for all files.

ok i see what you are saying. so the max value for “max of all logs” and “max per log” are both 2GB. thanks for the info.